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A True Fetish Model

I wanted a pro, so I got Asphyxia Noir (Assfix).

[Watch the amazing spanking video of "Ass Fix" in the members section HERE.]

I wanted to do a spanking clip with a real fetish model, one who knew what to expect and how to react. Not that it's all that difficult, but there's certain subtleties that a girl picks up by osmosis from being on shoots and around the industry for a while. Asphyxia has been getting hired by various webmasters since she was 18, eventually worked for about four years with all the largest video companies.

So Asphyxia Noir is just such a girl and I have to tell you I felt really privileged to shoot with her. She's famous for being strikingly attractive with raven hair and pale skin, large natural boobs that are perfectly shaped and just a flawless physique in every way. On a scale of one to ten she's easily a ten. On her worst hangover "with two-hours sleep and no makeup on" morning she might be maybe a nine-and-a-half. But then all she'd have to do is strip naked and then she'd shoot back up to a ten. She's fucking rad.

Meanwhile I'm like at best a three-and-a-half or a four.

This is why I was freaking out at my luck last May when I got a chance to work with her again. It had been a couple of years since I'd shot with her and last time her husband was in the apartment too, he even joined in and was really cool. He wasn't actually part of the "adult" portion of the shoot but the two of them did a great video interview together. But this time she was divorced and in-between relationships (she's never actually alone of course) so I wanted to try out a spank session on video. I'm really happy with how it turned out and it felt good to get a chance to do it with her.

Behind-the-scenes with Asphyxia Noir, "Shop Talk"

Like a behind-the-scenes clip? BUY IT here --> Behind The Scenes With Asphyxia Noir.

Some video frame grabs from that amazing time when Asphyxia Noir got spanked by me:

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