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"Real Girls" are best.

I've always preferred first-timer nonprofessional or amateur models (pro-am?) to work with since I started shooting nudes. They're like a clean slate, one that you can consider a blank canvas. You get back from them what you put into them.

There's something about working with a girl that's modeling nude for the first time and doing something totally new to her that a girl who has been trying to work it as a model and make a living for a while can't replicate. When models are doing it for first time -- often they've wanted to do it for a long time -- it's because it's creative and new and exciting, to kind of get her freak on for the first time. It's an act that isn't easily faked by one who's simply doing another gig to pay for her cellphone bill.

Not that there's anything wrong with the traveling art model or professional nude model or part-time porn performer. They can be fine to work with. They always look good. They have all the poses down right. But they're not the same. They often don't have that spark that I'm talking about, and that thrilling spark is what I want. That spark is what I need.

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