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Pop one out, please.

"Just one! Let's just see one. Pleeease..."

At first this model was shy here because we were on a street and even though there wasn't anyone else present except for me and my two assistants, she was slow to not demure.

It didn't take much asking though before, without saying a word, she popped one boob out of her shirt and I snapped a pic.

This girl was living with her boyfriend in an upstairs apartment across the street from the beach near La Jolla Cove at the time. She was working as a topless dancer but I met in the San Diego nightclubs when I was a "scene" photographer for Revolt In Style magazine. I got her phone number either at a downtown dance club after it let out one night and everyone was standing around on the sidewalk out front or maybe at the old Pink Panther on Morena Boulevard, I really forget which (I think it was the Panther). We shot a couple of times and although she looks great here you should see the others I have of her because her legs and ass are truly spectacular.

I like this sequence a lot. She was gorgeous and her personality was every bit as sweet as her looks.

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