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Gorgeous Lilly Raine

The LesRevue Members' video of Lilly's debut shoot is HERE.

There's some amazing C4S videos of Lilly Raine, a fine art nude model that was looking at beginning to dabble in adult video when we shot with her a while back in like 2011.

You can buy the entire video at Clips4Sale by clicking here --> Lilly Rain -- the entire shoot, or on the button below.

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It's pretty good, especially when she's done shaving and painting her toenails on the carpet. She's got the best butt...

I think she's maybe 20 or 21 in this -- totally over 18 of course -- and she was definitely hot. Lilly Raine shaves her beautiful pussy's bikini lines for us (she had a girl-girl shoot that was scheduled the next day) and paints her toenails before posing on the rug, stretching and doing a back bend, then bending over and spreading her legs to expose her incredibly wet vagina. Check it out. This luscious brunette is very hot and very wet. She's an incredible turn-on and a beautiful model we'll never forget.

Foot and ass fetishists will appreciate this. And all you pussy shaving pervs are in for a winner. This girl delivers.

Click HERE or on the pic for the eighteen-minute-long C4S video.

Ample Ass

Lilly Raine Shakes Her Beautiful Big Booty, Boldy.

When Lilly Raine worked as a cocktail waitress in a strip club the dancers taught her a thing or two about shaking her ample ass cheeks. This girl is gorgeous and a real sweetie to watch. Seriously, she's the best.

LesRevue Members can see our video of Lilly's debut shoot HERE.

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