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Asphyxia Noir Enjoys a Nice Long Smoke

Pandemic Shutdown Smoking Fetish Update

The boredom from the shutdown has finally taken over and I'm going to be updating an Onlyfans page now with archive content, @reviewerx (the link is up top). Looks like I'm going to have two. One's a free page, @reviewermag, for promoting and "connecting", and the other will be billing $4.99, which is the cheapest the site allows for a monthly membership. They'll be essentially taking over the same function as the website LesRevue and Clips4sale does but Onlyfans seems to have a very streamlined approach to their platform and they really are pretty big these days. Here's a screenshot pic from the beginning of a four-minute pre-pandemic smoking fetish clip I posted to Clips4sale yesterday. It's going up on OF as well. I mean, it's only art, you know? If Facebook wants to ban me screw 'em.

Click the picks if you're a LesRevue member to watch the clip, or buy it at our C4S page by clicking this button:

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