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Stungun Stephanie

Miss Perfect Tits

Cannabis Promoter Stungun Stephanie Gets Naked For You

Stungun Stephanie was an amazing art model. Her firm perky boobs were the most fantabulous you had ever seen. When she walked into my apartment and pulled down her blue dress to climb out of it the top snapped off of her nipples with an almost audible "boing". She was a gorgeous nursing student I met through social media (she was a friend on another photographer's profile) and totally unafraid of getting naked for the camera, totally unashamed. I took video during the photoshoot which members can see HERE or by clicking the pics below.

She was real booster for the Cannabis Community as well, talking about weed in a very advertorial way, almost as if she was there to make a sale, to cultivate a new customer, and not just to model. I only shot photos with her one time, video and photos, and that was my fault. I should have called back and out of laziness I guess never did. I've gone through that before, where I'm more of a single transaction photographer. I like to move on to the next girl, the next model. I need to start getting out of that way of doing business because... models, the more you work them the more they can open up oftentimes.

I have no idea what Stephanie's doing these days. I'm sure she's done with nursing school. She might be hooked up with a doctor somewhere, probably married money. She was an awesome top-shelf art model.

~Les Revue

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