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About Hustlers, the movie…

Pole Dancing: Fitness Motivation, or Something More?

By Emilee Eugburn


HUSTLERS tonight with mah fav betch, Brittany Buzard, as excited as I am about this movie I think it highlights a dialog that MUST take place…

Pole is becoming a phenomena that can be done both inside and outside the club. I see many of my acquaintances using the excuse that they are POLERS not STRIPPERS. Y’all buy a pair of Pleaser’s and take a class once a week which in your mind puts you leagues ahead of your “club” counterparts. SO MANY women and men use Strippers and sex workers as the brunt of violent and humiliating jokes and stories without ever once considering that THESE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. Women- ALL women and TBH all people as little as I care for men- are living beings with agency and calculating capabilities. We calculate our best options and go from there. We are not tissues to be used and discarded, regardless of that fervid rhetoric.

The Western appropriation aside, the reason you all want to pole dance specifically to be your fitness routine is that you want to look like a stripper. You want that dangerous, slumming, mysterious aura. You want to walk around with confidence like I do in 8″ heels, you want to LOOK like men pay you hundreds of dollars because you are simply desirable. You want TO FEEL EDGY and DESIRABLE… Yet you don’t want the dangers or stigma. You don’t want the very real threat of losing homes, jobs, family, scholarships, children, careers, FUTURES. You know that the edginess you crave comes at a price, and your way to combat that is NOT to combat stripper stigma, your way of dealing with this is to play up respectability politics for all you’re worth, widening dichotomy between PURE YOU and FILTHY US, too busy selling our bodies to dirty old men to develop the skills YOU DEEM acceptable. SO THE NEXT TIME you wanna toss up that #STRIPPERLIFE tag on IG remember there are women and men who make their livelihood from dancing whose accounts have been deleted and shadow banned for THAT SAME TAG. When you want to wear that pair of Pleaser’s to Funky Monk but are offended when asked if you are a dancer, remember who you are appropriating and simply respond with “No, I am not a stripper, and it makes me nervous that you would ask that BC sex work is so loaded and sex workers are murdered and discriminated against, so I get defensive about this but I am trying to fight it and support strippers in ending sex work stigma, staring with myself.”

And I bet not see half y’alls faces come “amateur night”.

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