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ARAB ON RADAR: Jeff Schneider reads from “Psychiatric Tissues

[Public Performance]

Poetry Night at The Biker Bar

video by Reviewer.TV

Jeff “Mister Clinical Depression” Schneider of Arab On Radar reads from “Psychiatric Tissues — the history of the iconic noise rock band Arab On Radar” at Peter D’s bar in Clairemont Mesa, San Diego, on the night of June 29, 2019, during Lisa Carver’s I LOVE ART mini-tour. Unfortunately this was shot wit my cellphone and not a proper video camera with a directional mic. So you have to listen to the ambient crowd noise over Jeff’s lightly-amplified yet compelling Soprano’s-style reading voice. After his turn on stage there were skits from Lisa’s new book by an ad-hoc ensamble of amatuer thespians, then there was biker karaoke. Fun for all!

Jeff’s fine silk-screened poster for his book.
Psychiatric Tissues, cover.