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Summer Is Here

First Surf

By Rob

I paddled out for evening glass today, in recognition of the celestial epoch known as Summer Solstice. Honoring this timeless event of the ages as passed down from generation to generation in the human lineage is very important and must be taken with the utmost of seriousness. The future harvest, new growth, regeneration, life itself, everything hinges on…

Okay, what really happened is my banker called in sick today so I didn’t meet him for that 4 o’clock and this freed up time for me to head down to The Shores and catch a few party waves above the stingrays with a dozen or so of my closest buddies.

The water was almost as warm as the air, so it’ll be time soon to consider mowing down the chest lawn again and hanging up the ol’ wetsuit until fall.

First day of summer sunset time
First day of summer sunset time