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Terms and Conditions

Dear readers, viewers and members both current and future!

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Membership (known and referred to as "agreement") carefully before joining. By completing the membership form and purchasing a subscription, you (known and referred to as "member" or "subscriber") are joining LesRevue.com (also referred to as "this site", "we") and state that you have read and agree to be bound by this agreement in its entirety. The agreement can be changed at any time at the sole discretion of LesRevue.com without notification to members. It is the responsibility of each member to refer to this page for any changes and amendments to the agreement. This agreement was updated February 2, 2022. The material contained in this website is non-violent adult material containing sexually explicit situations.

Viewing by, possession of, sale or distribution to minors is against the law. Exercising our first amendment rights, this material has been made by adults, and is intended ONLY for adults who wish to view it. It is unlawful to continue if the fore mentioned material is illegal, outlawed or may violate community standards where you are viewing said material. The following material contains staged, scripted, and fictional accounts of sexual relationships of adults. All performers in the following material are intended to be portrayed and understood as fully consenting adults that are performing of their own free will. This material is meant to serve as a visual record of the methods of interpersonal and sexual relationships. Moreover, this material is created to inform viewers of the wide range of adult relationships. It presents the idea that these are important aspects of adult relationships and that sexual conduct is enjoyable in various forms of expression. *As a member you are responsible for paying membership fees pertaining to the specific billing package purchased.

*REFUND POLICY: refund of membership fee paid will be given at the discretion of the billing company that charged your card or bank account, or if required by law. Should a refund be granted, refunds will be credited solely to the payment method used in the original transaction. Member is responsible to immediately report any technical or other issues to us at technicalsupport@lesrevue.com. Failure to report any issues that prevent member from using the site as intended in a timely manner may result in having your refund request denied.

Thank you and please enjoy the show.

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